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Ketra Selects Kraus Hi-Tech as Dealer

Cool & bright during the day, warm & soft at night. Always right for the moment. Ketra's automatically adjusting LED lighting systems provide natural lighting that mimics natural lighting. The best light comes from nature. Ketra's full spectrum, tunable light rises and falls with the sun, dynamically shifting throughout the day to precisely mimic the color temperature and intensity of natural light. Ketra is sold and installed through an elite group of dealers with expert training and knowledge to maximize the Ketra experience.

As of October 2018, Kraus Hi-Tech Home Automation is a certified Ketra dealer. Kraus Hi-Tech is one of a few integrators to provide Ketra lighting solutions as well as Control4 and Lutron control systems all in one company. As a one-stop shop for a client's Ketra needs, Kraus Hi-Tech is uniquely positioned to provide a seamless install experience for their customers. Designers, Architects, and homeowners alike can work with Kraus Hi-Tech to specify and install the wide range of Ketra light fixtures and also take comfort in knowing that the touch panels, keypads, and automated programming are all in sync. This ensures that Ketra has been implemented in a way that is true to the natural lighting vision they pioneered.

Visit Ketra online to learn more.


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