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Lutron Presents Kraus with Diamond Level Award

Kraus Hi-Tech Home Automation is proud to announce that Lutron has presented us with their Diamond Level Award for 2020!  We have received many awards from Lutron over the years. The Lutron Diamond Level Award is the highest award to be received. This award also earns us Diamond Level status as a dealer on their website. Thanks Lutron, we look forward to making next year another huge success!

Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. is a privately held corporation with worldwide operations headquartered in Coopersburg, PA. Its founder and owner, Joel Spira was the inventor of the world’s first solid state dimmer in 1959, which served as the basis of Lutron’s early business. In almost 50 years of innovation, Lutron has invented hundreds of lighting control devices and systems, and expanded their product offering from 2 products to 15,000. The company has advanced the technology of lighting control while maintaining top market position by focusing on exceptional quality and design. Lutron continues to lead the market in high-quality lighting controls for fluorescent, halogen incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage and LED light sources. Lutron has also led innovations in window shade technology. Combining these technologies allows the control of both daylight and electric light simultaneously.


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